What are the biggest solar installation in the U.S.?

  • Agua Caliente in Arizona, powering 287 MW
  • Mesquite Solar 1 in Arizona, powering 167 MW
  • California Solar Valley Ranch in California, powering 130 MW
  • AV Solar Ranch One in California, powering 115 MW
  • Sempra Copper Mountain II in Nevada, powering 106 MW
  • What is biggest solar installation in New York?

  • Long Island Solar Farm was completed in 2011 by developer BP Solar. This photovoltaic project has the capacity to generate 32 MW of electricity.
  • How unusual is it to have a large solar farm co-located at a coal plant?

  • Fairly unusual. According to SEIA, there are at least 3 other coal plants that have 1 MW or more PV co-located with them. (Two of these plants also burn natural gas.) Cayuga Solar would be the first in NY of any significant scale.