Colorado Energy is an energy infrastructure management company specializing in operations & maintenance, asset management and construction management for independent power producers and investors. Since the mid-80s, our expertise in combined cycle, cogeneration, coal and gas-turbine technologies has delivered innovative O&M solutions for a range of energy production sites. Our cross-disciplinary team of O&M, asset management and EPC experts offers a unique view of the innovations that are available in power production today.

The CE Difference

Nimble Size

You know how crucial responsive plant management is if you’ve ever tried to get a behemoth O&M provider to fix an operational problem. Our boutique size and industry relationships make us a uniquely reliable resource when you need responsive management the most. We’re known for fast and reliable plant starts and superior portfolio availability rates that will allow you to increase profitability at your sites.

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Comprehensive Knowledge

We’re not just an accounting service and we’re not just engineers. Instead, we’ve assembled a team of professionals whose depth and breadth of knowledge across the energy industry goes beyond traditional O&M applications. The result is a widespread, experience-based view of the opportunities available for optimizing plant performance and increasing asset value. We allow you to unlock the full potential of your energy investments.

Flexible Service Offerings

Unlike big O&M providers who tend to standardize systems across every plant; our three-fold structure allows us to offer customized services for your energy management needs. Whether you need integrated asset and operations management or a single capability, we offer creative solutions-oriented services to fit your specific project.