Brush 1 & 3



Location & Ownership

Brush 1&3 is located in Brush, Colorado on the Eastern plains of the state. The plant is located on a multi-plant, multi-owner site known collectively as the Brush Power Facility. Brush 1 & 3 is owned by Bicent Power LLC.

Engineering, Development, Construction and Technology

Design, development and construction were overseen by Colorado Energy personnel. Commercial operation was achieved in October 1990. Individually, Brush 1 is a Westinghouse 251AA combined cycle gas turbine with one Vogt HRSG and one GE Steam Turbine and Brush 3 is a Westinghouse 251AA gas turbine operating exclusively in simple cycle mode. Combined, they are a 90 MW peaking facility. The facility is automatically dispatched, on a daily start and stop basis, with rapid remote start of the simple cycle gas turbine.